Ateneo | Ateneo : Twitter Trend Worldwide – Ateneo de Manila University

As you can see, Ateneo has two related keywords that made it to the list Ateneo and ADMU, the school acronym. For all the right reasons, Ateneo joins Twitter Massive Trending Topic, Inception, in the hit list. Read more

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Top 5 Most Overlooked On-Page Factors For SEO

When we think of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we tend to think of it as the act of inserting lots of ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’ into the content on our site and of building links with other sites. This is of course an apt description of a large part of SEO, but at the same time there is a lot more to it than that, and particularly in terms of on-site things you can do (on-site meaning things that you do to your actual site to improve SEO as opposed to things like link-building which actually takes place (by nature). Read more

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All About SEO Program and the Importance of Learning SEO

With the quick and easy access to information brought by modern technology, daily tasks have become a lot easier and can be done in a snap. But, for those who are beginning to make a career out of this virtual world, being on top of the search engine results is very difficult to achieve. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important in making your pages rank on specific online search engines. An SEO program can help you make it to the top ten. Read more

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Meta Tags Creator – Do You Need a Tag Generator?

Meta tags are very important elements of your on page search engine optimization strategy. They influence your search engine ranking and how your results are displayed (i.e. they determine what text is displayed to the searcher when your site appears in the search results). Read more

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Improve Search Ranking – Increase Web Traffic

This is especially difficult for new site owners. Learn from me as I offer 5 hard lessons I learned when I was starting out. Read more

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Build Facebook Apps to Leverage Affiliate Marketing

One of the major money making techniques on the Internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a concept that businesses practice to reward affiliates or customers for their marking efforts to bring in more affiliates and/or customers. An affiliate could be in the form of a subscriber, visitor, or sale. Affiliate marketing is a chance for merchants to advertise their products without shelling out big bucks. Read more

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Home Business Opportunity in Affiliate Marketing

It is true that most affiliate marketing newbies waste lots of time and money after they have decided on it as their home business opportunity. It is important to learn and change from your own mistakes and weaknesses but if you can take full advantage of resources at your hands before you lose crucial investments-time and money-you will be more satisfied and motivated. Read more

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Ad Tracker in Your Work From Home Business

Ad tracking devices are very important for those individuals who are involved in the promotion of multiple programs of affiliate marketing while they have campaigns of a contextual advertising running at a specific time. For those with blogs or affiliate work from home online business opportunities, it is necessary have. Sometimes the campaigns can be more than one. Read more

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Does Your Website Need a Re-Design? Sign One – Do You Flash?

100% Flash Based websites may be beautiful, but they can cause a host of problems from search engine optimization to accessibility issues. Find out why flash may not be the best option. Read more

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Basic Idea of Search Engine Optimization Copywriting and SEO Promotion

It is not only about the absolute weight of the search terms that you include. Of course the Google and other search engine should understand what the website page is all about. Search engines try to match the user’s query with the optimized content of your website page, but ultimately which page will land at the top depends upon the complex series of calculations and not just through simple ratio. When you try to write your content by inserting key phrases for website promotion through SEO, you lack the quality and writers experience. Read more

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