Schmucks | The Reject Report: Cats, Dogs, Schmucks, and Charlie St. Cloud

Do cats and dogs dream? Do schmucks? Does Zac Effron? I’m thinking that latter question is a big, fat “NO.” What could he possibly dream about? He’s living it. I guess one thing he might dream about is for his newest film to beat out Inception at the box office this weekend. For that matter, the cats, dogs, and schmucks are probably dreaming the same thing. Doesn’t mean it’s going to come true. In fact, all the dreaming in the world probably won’t make that a reality. BIG HITTERS The legion of new entries into the mainstream film market this weekend begins with a sequel to a nine-year-old film. Evidently, the time and care put into making of Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore is ample, maybe even excessive. Of course, the film finds itself released now in late July, 2010, when the market is inundated with children’s movies. The children who fell in love with Cats & Dogs in 2001 are now cynical teens who will certainly be lancing the film like a large boil, and young kids, the ones this film is geared towards, probably won’t have even seen the predecessor. There are a number of aspects working against Cats & Dogs 2, but the continued interest in talking animals (those not named Marmaduke, anyway) and the film’s high screen count (3705 screens, more than any other film this weekend) might be enough to give it a decent opening. You like cats. You like dogs. You like […] Read more

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